Thursday, February 4, 2010

Welcome Back Kelsey!

Alrighty... So basically its been like, umm.... since we got married since my last post so... Where do I start?... Well, we're in Provo now, Niels is in school and I'm just working trying to stay busy! I got a job at a Sandwich shop called Jimmy Johns, and was actually just offered a management job today! Whether i take it or not, we cant be sure... I'd have to work night shifts, which i really DONT want to do, cause niels and i would NEVER see each other! so i dont know yet what i'll do... Anyway, now i spend most of my time working or finding new things to sew! I've got a few cute ideas for Mothers Day that i cant wait to start on!

Niels is working at Discount Tire and loving it!! He comes home every day with new stories of what the guys from work did or said that day haha... he says working there is like being in a "High School locker room"... Whatever that means?? He's also super busy with school and his recently new calling as YM secretary... But he loves staying busy and wouldn't have it any other way!! :)

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Our wedding!!

This is just a few of our wedding pictures that our photographer/cousin (Jentry), took of our wedding!!! She did an amazing job! We're MARRIED!

Mom and Dad!

Groom and Mom dance

Sisters... Also my best friends!

Layla and Avery... So cute!

YAY laurel caught my bouquet!

The Boys...

Grandma and Grandpa Day

Best Friends!

Katheryn... Adorable!!

Grandpa and Grandma Peterson!

Cousins :)

The Days!

The Bybee's!


So cute! Annie

Allyson with Crew...